Mondays Don’t Have to Stink

Mondays Don't Have to Stink

Just hang in the tree and chill for a bit, then hop to the next branch.

Don’t worry, be hoppy.

P.S. Yes, he looks like Jabba the Hutt

P.P.S. The Bronx Zoo membership is worth it for the free parking and priority zipping through the lines of special attractions:

Tiny Miracles Foundation, Inc. Gala on May 2, 2014

The Tiny Miracles Foundation, Inc. will present “A Night of Miracles”, this year’s Annual Gala event, on Friday evening, May 2, 2014, at The Inn at Longshore in Westport, Connecticut. Headquartered in Darien, the nonprofit organization is dedicated to providing vital support and assistance to families with premature babies in the greater Fairfield County area, and to helping the medical community provide the best possible care for premature babies and their families.

Longshore will serve as an elegant, waterfront setting for what promises to be a remarkable community event. Guests will enjoy a silent and live auction, cocktails, hors d’oevres, a strolling dinner and dancing.

For additional information, visit or call 203-202-9714.

At a recent meeting, planning for the Spring Gala event, were: The Tiny Miracles Foundation “Night of Miracles” Committee members:

Too: PJ Marcella, new Canaan; Ariane Triay, Stamford; Carrie Cromwell, Wesport; Peggy Sawala, Westport; Leelee Klein, Darien Bottom: Co-Chairs: Lisa Broder, Fairfield; Marisela Esposito, Weston; Jennifer Lau, Westport

Top: PJ Marcella, new Canaan; Ariane Triay, Stamford; Carrie Cromwell, Wesport; Peggy Sawala, Westport; Leelee Klein, Darien
Bottom: Co-Chairs: Lisa Broder, Fairfield; Marisela Esposito, Weston; Jennifer Lau, Westport

On the committee and not pictured are: Brooke Geis, Caitlin Whitacre, Zerlina Hayes and Victoria Trepp from Darien. Kristie Godina from Stamford; Terri Dusch and Rene Greenlee from Westport; Katerina Bridova of Norwalk; Christine Yang and Dan Olsen of New Canaan; and Tammy Roberts of Weston.

Read Dan Woog’s article:


Touch-A-Truck – 3/29

Touch-A-Truck - 3/29

9:30 am – 1:30 pm

$4 Student Tickets for Tonight’s WHS Company – Carousel




Here’s what the audience last week had to say…

Momma says (here’s what I have to say): I enjoy the WHS Company productions tremendously. I am always impressed with the caliber of professionalism of the cast, crew, and orchestra. The voices ring so beautifully that I just smile from ear to ear as I immerse myself into the plot, the scenes, the characters…I know my 8-year old daughter and her friends agree. Yes, this production runs 3 hours with a 15-minute intermission, but the show is so fascinating and well done (I’ve never seen the original Broadway production, nor the movie) that time surely flies. The dance choreography is a real treat. And, of course, while I did laugh appropriately, I also needed tissues. I think the audience behind me did also. Lots of sniffling. So, BRAVO, WHS Company! My daughter, who saw the movie, said the WHS production of Carousel is really, REALLY good and that everyone should go see it. In general, I think these productions are a great way to introduce younger children to more mature theater productions (not Nickelodeon or Disney themed), as the prices of tickets are so reasonable (generally $12 for adults, $8 for children). If it doesn’t work out and you need to leave early with the kids, it will be okay: to have seen and heard part of the show makes them richer culturally. P.S. There is bad language used, but I found it just went over the kids’ heads or it’s nothing new to them. Can’t make tonight’s show at 8pm? I’m sure it will be another great one tomorrow at 3 pm. And since it is Mr. Damian Long’s last production, it will be bittersweet for all. Thank you, Mr. Long, for bringing such talent to light in our little town. We’ve enjoyed all the shows.

Good luck to the HS seniors and to Mr. Long in all their future endeavors!

Sky Zone – How High Can You Fly?


Sky Zone is owned by a Weston family. How many times have you been already?

Originally posted on MomBus:


Have you been to Sky Zone in Bethel, yet? This is the first trampoline park in CT. Plan to jump for at least 30-minutes in a room with wall-to-wall trampolines. Pricing is by time. Reserve your jump time ahead of time online to guarantee entry during the desired time. Yes, even adults can jump. It is truly exhiliarating doing splits in the air (can’t do them otherwise). Be sure to buy the Sky Socks (they are a cool orange color and have grips on the bottom to prevent from slipping) and bring them back each time! Younger kids can jump, too (there is a designated zone for them if it gets too crowded). Birthday parties (not just for kids!) and corporate events are welcomed. There is plenty of space. Dodgeball and basketball hoops are available, too. As they say, fly high and safely!

Sky Zone, Bethel, CT

13 Francis J…

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You’ll Never Know What You Might See…or Feel

We have lived in Fairfield County for over 5 years, but we have not explored all of the museums, yet. Unless they have dinosaurs, life-sized dioramas, interactive exhibits, or water fun, my son is not willing to get out of the car upon arrival. “Art?” he asked (this is a boy who left cool superhero and dinosaur coloring books blank for years until his last preschool teacher forced inspired him). Anyway, parked at The Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art, I told him to give it a chance. And he loved it. Who wouldn’t love getting lost in this?! And a piano lid that opens then slams shut? A line of metronomes? Yes, little man, this is all art! So check out the museum pass from the Weston Public Library, courtesy of the Friends of the Weston Library, and check out the next exhibit. It’s also free admission on Tuesdays. They even have summer camps. You’ll never know what you might see, feel, or hear!

Creed's Balloon Exhibit Creates Giggles and Lots of Static

Can you get from the entrance to the window with gold balloons touching every part of your body swishing with your every move? I was giggling like a kid as we navigated with crazy hair and cool sparks. This was part of Michael Creed’s Scales exhibit at the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum in Ridgefield, and we were lucky enough to catch it.

Piano lid mechanically lifts then SLAMS shut.

Piano lid mechanically lifts then SLAMS shut.

Momma says it’s worth the trip. There’s so much to explore in downtown Ridgefield! ~CR

Animal Embassy is Coming to Weston – Mar 22

Animal Embassy:  Colors and Patterns in Natures

Saturday, March 22 at 4 PM


The vibrant colors and patterns found in the animal kingdom show not only the beauty of all living things, but also serve to help animals survive in their habitats.  Colors can send a warning to potential predators, attract a mate, regulate an animal’s temperature, or serve as evidence of an animal’s last meal!  Patterns aid an animal with camouflage and with mimicry of more dangerous species.  Families will learn about these diverse colors and patterns and what they mean and will meet Animal Ambassadors such as a Fire-bellied toad, a Blue Poison Dart frog, a Dwarf Reticulated python, a Leopard gecko and a chinchilla.