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Moms in Weston, CT was founded by Catherine R, who moved to Weston 2-1/2 years ago with her husband and 2 young children. This growing network is open to all moms and moms-to-be (dads are welcome, too) living in the town of Weston, CT. We also welcome families from other towns. Here, you can share your experiences with other moms in person or online. Learn about raising children in Weston, CT. Meet other moms through family-oriented activities (playgroups, social meetings, field trips, and holiday parties) and enjoy Moms’ Night Out (MNO).  Find out about events in Weston and across neighboring towns of Westport, Easton, Redding, Wilton, Fairfield, Ridgefield, and Norwalk (see map below of Fairfield County). Identify attractions to visit as a group to benefit from discounts (we can’t become members of everything). Help our children develop fun-filled memories as Westonites. Swap stories about parenting. Discover new resources, especially local businesses. Add your reviews about restaurants and attractions. Support other moms. Link to your own blog. Lend a helping hand to the community. Participate in some or all events. Or just be in the know.

As we meet and get to know more of you, we would like to plan gatherings. Interested in being a cool WestonCTMom? There is no membership fee, but some functions may require contributions for admission fees, meals, or to cover other expenses. Certain activities will be limited to members only.  Please send an email with your name, names and ages of your children, and your contact information to westonctmoms@gmail.com. Most correspondence will be electronic. All information about families will be kept confidential. 

Occasionally companies will offer products/tickets to a show for in exchange for a review by Moms in Weston, CT. The reviews will be truthful and unbiased. 

Want to be a regular contributor to this mom blog? Have suggestions on how to make this site even more mom-friendly? Owner of a business you want us to help promote? Email us. Otherwise, feel free to sprinkle your comments as you see fit. Hope to hear from you soon!



14 responses to “About Us

  1. Catherine,
    Awesome job! This is fantastic.

  2. Sign me up! Catherine, this is awesome! You have done so much work on this! All of us Weston moms should thank you. See you tonight at Levitt P!

  3. Catherine,

    Do you know who to contact in Fairfield to see if any of these families affected by the fire need temporary housing?


  4. This sounds like a great site! Keep it up!


  5. Hi Catherine,
    Great site! Very useful for moms in towns.
    Thanks for linking to Mommy Truths. FYI – I’m a Weston mom so you can change Fairfield County to Weston. Let’s chat about ways to partner. What’s your email?
    All best,

  6. Glad I found your site. Very cool stuff. I’m in Ridgefield so we’re neighbors! 🙂 -lisa

  7. Elizabeth Hourihan

    Thank you for doing this – it is so helpful. Our family has
    recently moved to Weston and are very happy with the decision. We
    live on Pheasant Hill Road in a wonderful modern sustainable house
    that was built over 20 plus years ago. I am an Interior Designer
    that focuses on High End Interiors and would love to hear if you
    know any great clubs in the area for networking or others in the
    business. My work can be seen at http://www.CarpenterandMacNeille.com and
    on Architectural Digest website under the February before and after
    issue and recently in Design New England Nov/Dec. issue. I am happy
    to donate time for design consultation for fund raising events!!!
    Thanks so much, Elizabeth Brosnan Hourihan

  8. txl !

  9. I love this!


  10. What a wonderful way to enhance our community….well done Catherine!

  11. Hi Catherine
    It waslovely to meet you at the Grange today. Great blog…

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