Norfield Children’s Center Presents PUPPETPALOOZA


“Norfield Children’s Center is proud to present:  PUPPETPALOOZA at the Weston Public Library this weekend.  On Saturday, bring your children by the Library’s Community Room between 10am and Noon for some free family entertainment!  We have been having fun preparing puppets of all kinds, practicing shows, and building puppet theaters over the last month or so.  Puppetry has a long and rich history in storytelling, and there are so many types of puppets for children to explore.  Come and exercise your own story-weaving skills.  It will be an open house; children can use puppets that they have made, but there will also be many puppets available to pick up and use.  Finger Puppets, Shadow Puppets, Hand Puppets, Marionettes, and other styles; all at your command.

   There will also be an area to make your own puppets; or if you have a favorite, bring it along!  The Dinosaur Paper Bag Puppets that the 3s class made and the Community Helper Hand Puppets from the 4s class have already made it down the hill to the Library and are on display!  The 2s and Afterschool Children’s puppets will join the display in advance of Saturday’s event.  Come enjoy the day with your family and Norfield Friends.”


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