The Lunch Box Has Reopened!

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Well, it has been officially opened for three days now, and the feedback has been positive all around!

Evelyn Kollmar-Schulz: My family (3 adults, 4 kids) ate dinner last night [July 30]. Totally exceeded expectations! The salmon was fantastic, my 9-year-old son said the fish tacos were “unbelievable” and my 6-year-old loved the pizza (and HE know pizza ) Thank you, and looking forward to many more meals there!!!

Gai Bos: We love the new LB! What a great place to hang out after walking on the track. We were only going to grab coffee, but ended up eating lunch! I brought home an entrée for my boy, and he enjoyed the fish tacos. The small plates of Portobello fries, onion rings and hummus with pita chips were divine. Yes 10 thumbs up Jessica Nemore Tolk and your H Josh!!!!!

Cyrece Lehrman: Went today [7/30] with my boys who both gave a thumbs up for the burgers. I had a fantastic Cobb Salad. The dessert menu looked great (even a gluten-free option). Hooray for Lunchbox! I really like the menu and the variety/choices especially for a vegetarian!

Samantha H. (Age 8): It was really great and I had a fun time. I liked it but when we were house hunting two years ago we saw the real Lunchbox.  I still really like the new one but it’s kind of sad that our old Lunchbox isn’t there anymore.  It’s still the Lunchbox, but it’s not the same. It was nice and the waiters were really friendly and it’s a comfortable place to be in.  Even when it was busy it didn’t seem like it was busy because they were so nice.

Christine: My first impression was great.  The new owners have recruited an amazing team of warm, friendly and hard-working staff. The new decor, branding and uniforms give a sense of streamlined efficiency while maintaining the warmth and personal touches our small town is known for. I wish them all the best in their new venture.

Catherine R: My kids gave it 15 thumbs up total. My son ordered a personal cheese pizza (regular menu) and my daughter the cheeseburger from the kid’s meal (kids meals are $6.95 and include a drink). I had the highly recommended fish taco. My daughter immediately eyed the pineapple and was eager to try the grilled fish. Hers arrived last without the cheese slice, but it was rectified in the blink of an eye. Yes, our waitress, Mary, was THAT good.

As Christine mentioned, the new wait staff are all dressed in slick, black tee shirts that have the new Lunch Box logo on the front and “06883” in large font on the back. They seem very excited to be a part of the new iteration of a classic joint in Weston. The proud owners were also floating around greeting guests and receiving live feedback. When we were there, many families were trying it out. We even saw some teenagers grabbing a quick bite. There are now bar stools, tables that don’t wobble, and real seats. Gone also is the cooler by the door where you grab your own drinks and the display of lunch boxes. However, parents will be happy to know that kids can use their creativity and draw what is in their lunchbox with community crayons presented in lunch boxes.

Drinks are served in real cups. Did I mention there is now beer on tap and wine? What about the food, you ask? The menu has been updated with some old favorites and many new items like the BLT made on challah, matzoh ball soup, potato pancakes, sliced avocado, and much much more. I liked my Mahi Mahi taco; my daughter loved her full-sized cheeseburger with french fries; and my son said the pizza is good! (I eyed the abundance of sauce.) All in all, the experience was positive and we will definitely be back again soon. After all, I have to try every item on the dessert menu. Though you can’t see the barrels of ice cream anymore, they are there and packed with Gifford’s of Maine (my kids, and others, approve of fly-fishing fudge and mint chocolate chip were instant hits). There are also fresh-baked goods daily for sale. The prices are very reasonable. The WESTON FORUM has a nice piece with more information about the restaurant. Congratulations to Westonites, Jessica and Josh Tolk!

The Lunch Box in Weston is located at 190 Weston Road and open daily: Monday through Thursday 6 am to 9 pm; Friday 6 am to 10 pm; Saturday 7 am to 10 pm; and Sunday 7 am to 9 pm. It definitely has the right vibes for families, groups, really anyone to enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner, or just grab one to go.

Call for Comments: Have you been? What’s your experience been like? It will only get better! We can’t wait to go back! Maybe we’ll see you there! P.S. Yes, fried chicken is still on the menu.


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