You’ll Never Know What You Might See…or Feel

We have lived in Fairfield County for over 5 years, but we have not explored all of the museums, yet. Unless they have dinosaurs, life-sized dioramas, interactive exhibits, or water fun, my son is not willing to get out of the car upon arrival. “Art?” he asked (this is a boy who left cool superhero and dinosaur coloring books blank for years until his last preschool teacher forced inspired him). Anyway, parked at The Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art, I told him to give it a chance. And he loved it. Who wouldn’t love getting lost in this?! And a piano lid that opens then slams shut? A line of metronomes? Yes, little man, this is all art! So check out the museum pass from the Weston Public Library, courtesy of the Friends of the Weston Library, and check out the next exhibit. It’s also free admission on Tuesdays. They even have summer camps. You’ll never know what you might see, feel, or hear!

Creed's Balloon Exhibit Creates Giggles and Lots of Static

Can you get from the entrance to the window with gold balloons touching every part of your body swishing with your every move? I was giggling like a kid as we navigated with crazy hair and cool sparks. This was part of Michael Creed’s Scales exhibit at the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum in Ridgefield, and we were lucky enough to catch it.

Piano lid mechanically lifts then SLAMS shut.

Piano lid mechanically lifts then SLAMS shut.

Momma says it’s worth the trip. There’s so much to explore in downtown Ridgefield! ~CR


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