tinyTots Consignment Sale

Have kids/grandkids? Check. Like to see them dressed in brand names without breaking the bank? Check. Have high-end baby, toddler goods that you don’t need anymore that you’d like to get cash back? Check.
Two sisters, Annie Schreck and Mary Slaugenhoup, who love brand names and have 6 kids between them are organizing what is the largest single consignment sale in Fairfield County. Their company, tinyTots Consignment, has been enabling the exchange of high end children’s clothes and goods for the the past 2 years in Stamford and will debut in Greenwich on August 23rd.  Shoppers hail from nearby Stamford, Norwalk, Weston, Westport and Westchester County. Approximately 100,000 items are expected to exchange hands next week at this marketplace, with consignors earning 70% of the sale price, which is morethan traditional consignment stores offer. Better yet, consignors set their own prices for items.
The twice annual sale touts the quality of the items available for sale.  Items that are stained, torn, extremely worn are not accepted. Shoppers can expect to see savings between 50-70% or more off.
HOW IT WORKS: Since this is not a tag sale – sellers do not have to staff their own tables. Rather consignors drop off items, which are  displayed and the sisters take care of all of the sales. Volunteers help  run the sale, and in return, they get to shop first for the best deals a day or two before the general/ public sale (Aug 21).   There’s also a presale for new moms and grandmothers (Aug 22).
CHARITY: At the end of each sale, a large number of items are given to charity. Consignors choose whether they want to donate their items at the end of the sale, and always have many items, which are spread across a few charities. The charities are based in Fairfield County and help teen moms, single moms, and low income families.

Consignor Drop Off is today (Tuesday 8/20) from 3-8pm {items must be tagged by 3 pm} at Greenwich Catholic School (471 North Street, Greenwich, CT 06830).www.TinyTotsConsignment.com – Register online to Consign

Tiny Tots Children’s Consignment Sale Shop our Fall 2013

Sale times and dates:

Friday, August 23, 5pm – 9pm

Saturday, August 24, 9am – 11am

50% off SALE: Saturday, August 24, 1pm – 3pm

Exclusive Volunteer Sale – Wednesday, August 21, from 5pm – 9pm

Exclusive Consignor Sale – Wednesday, August 21, from 7pm – 9pm

Exclusive New Mom/Grandma Sale – Thursday, August 22, 5pm-9pm

Everything has to be ready to put out on the floor when you arrive (tags/hangers, etc.). It will be a lot easier if you have your clothing sorted by gender and size. We will check on any extra hangers during set-up tonight.

You’ll also receive two (2) consignor passes that you must bring with you on Wednesday night to enter the Consignor Pre-Sale. If you would like to shop even earlier, sign up to volunteer.

Please bring a box or bin marked with your consignor number on it. We will place any of your unsold items in it for you when you pick up on Sunday from 8-10am. All unsold items that are not picked up will be donated to charity (you get the deduction).

Also – we realize that as Moms, we sometimes have to prioritize things other than tagging…so we’re keeping the inventory system open. You’ll have until Drop Off to continue to tag.

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