Review: Rainbow Thai in Westport

Forgive my photos, but I am enjoying my meal and writing as I tear up from the amazing curry from Rainbow Thai in Westport. I’m dining alone, so I’m not being rude. It was a spur of the moment, let me go try and see if there is a parking spot at Bridge Square. Is it even open at 11:30 am?

I scored a spot right in front of the entrance. It is open. And I started with a roti canai. Delicious! Now I am enjoying red curry chicken over jasmine rice. Spicy, but not ear-burning hot (I’m a wimp, but I like spicy foods). I pretty much licked the bowl. For dessert, i had fried banana with vanilla ice cream. Definitely worth the calories. Next time I will bring the family and sit in the “Echo Chamber” (the table in the back).

Afterthought (sitting in a parking lot waiting for daughter to be let out from camp): The place was only half-filled, but there are a lot of take-out orders. The NY Times had raved about Rainbow Thai shortly after it opened. They deliver to Westport and Norwalk bordering Westport. I also tried to convince them to deliver to Compo Beach, if not to Weston.

But more importantly, they just received the “Best of the Gold Coast” Award for Thai Restaurants. It’s worth a visit, but I must warn you about the parking…you may need to wait or find other spots outside of the square.

And, yes, the owner looks familiar. He owned the restaurant previously in the same spot: Papadum. So go try something different tonight. Here’s the website: It only has about 10 tables, and it’s right by the train station, but it has my “highly recommend” vote because the food is excellent and the prices VERY reasonable. CR








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