We asked for it, it’s here, let’s go support J.K. Cafe

I was sad when BabyCat Milkbar closed in Wilton. As an alternative, I love Tusk and Cup in Ridgefield, but cringe when I have to make a left and park in the tight lot. And now we have J.K. Cafe in Weston!

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Top 5 Reasons you should go check out J.K. Cafe at 12 Old Mill Road open daily from 7 am-9 pm:

5) Elayne Cassara, local mom and co-owner of J.K. Cafe and La Roue Elayne at Cobb’s Mill Inn, understands that the Community is looking for open space to meet up for book clubs, business meetings, or just a spot for moms with young kids to get together for a cup of coffee and adult conversation. Yes, there are high chairs, and there are bathrooms right in the cafe.

4) It’s a quaint, old-fashioned coffee shop (with an espresso machine) by the waterfront. Spend a quiet moment just sitting on a bar stool and daydream energize while the kids are at camp (school). You can also sit outside on the patio with your goodies (there are also snacks and a candy bar available). There is even a fireplace for the winter. For now, it is kept cool with an AC unit and fan (image captured by a 5-yo).

3) They serve iced coffee, local baked goods, sandwiches, BUCK’s ICE CREAM, and more at reasonable prices.

2) Make it an endpoint after a bike ride, run, or stroll as a reward.

1) It’s what we’ve always wanted. “It’s like a Starbucks” only it’s in our backyard.

On Sundays, bring the family for a BBQ dinner on the patio from 4-8 pm. There will be live music and plenty of space to dance the evening away.

Here’s another review posted right after J.K. Cafe opened.


One response to “We asked for it, it’s here, let’s go support J.K. Cafe

  1. We checked out JK Cafe after our son’s kindergarten meet-and-greet last Friday! I did not know it existed, and am so THANKFUL to have such a great space close to home! No more trekking to Wilton or Westport to meet a friend for coffee! Gorgeous spot and clearly kid-friendly! Thanks for opening JK! Hopefully the community will come out and show their support!

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