Mary Ann Hall’s Music For Children Tonight

We enjoyed music classes with Mary Ann Hall’s Music for Children when my son was 2 and 3. To us, it was a different philosophy and approach to introducing music to children-very laid back, themed, and definitely interactive. You see, at the toddler stage, my son was not really toddling. I carried him when his peers and their caregivers marched in circles, but my son clearly got the rhythm and loved all the different instruments. Another favorite activity is bouncing the kids on your knee to trot with Old Joe or go on the Toyland Train to discover what’s in the box with the big bow. For the last 5-10 minutes of the 45-minute session, it was a free-for-all along with the instructor’s background music. Once my son was in preschool, we did not register again, but we have supported Mary Ann Hall’s appearances.

For example, tonight the family kicks off the Children’s Series of the Levitt Pavilion’s 50 Free Nights! Of note, Wednesdays are devoted to kids with a start time of 7 pm. Check out the schedule on their website.

And if you are exploring different music programs (they actually have programs for older children, too, including theater and piano classes), check out Mary Ann Hall’s Music for Children tonight and also go to their open houses listed on their website.


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