Review: JK Cafe @ La Roue Elayne Cobb’s Mill Inn

It’s local, it’s inviting, it’s accommodating, and it’s open for meetups!

Marisela Esposito (a local mom and active advocate of the Tiny Miracles Foundation stopped by the J.K. Cafe Coffee and Ice Cream Bar on Wednesday (opening day) and had a delicious smoothie. She also picked up some gift cards for some special WIS staff members. “Great spot for meeting up w/ friends. J.K. Cafe.” Sela’s pictures (all photos in the slideshow are courtesy of Marisela) are saying we should all go check it out SOON:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


On Thursday, when the ice cream truck scheduled for the WIS end-of-year celebration did not make its promised appearance at Bisceglie-Scribner Park, a quick call to J.K. Cafe by the President of the WIS PTO to J.K. Cafe ensured a happy ending to the day as the kids were still able to exchange their tickets for Good Humor Ice Cream.

Today, a small group of moms gathered there and were inspired to start a book club that would meet regularly at J.K. Cafe.

Coffee, ice cream, healthy snacks, open space, and nice co-owner (local mom, Elayne Cassara/staff…open daily at 7 am. Great stop before or after a Pond visit (which opens tomorrow, June 22nd).

Have you been to J.K. Cafe? What do you think?


2 responses to “Review: JK Cafe @ La Roue Elayne Cobb’s Mill Inn

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  2. It is super! What Weston has needed for a long time! Vintage decor, Leather sofas to sink into and patio by the river’s edge!

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