Fathering for Fathers (and mothers, too) – TONIGHT

Tonight: 7-8:30 pm
Weston Field Club – Fathering for fathers (and mothers too!).
Guest Speaker: Richard Sussman, LCSW
Mothers and fathers often have differing attitudes and approaches on to how to raise their children.  Arguments as to the virtues of discipline or the importance of TLC may arise and one parent may insist their approach is “right,” while their partners’ is destined to ruin their child’s life forever. This struggle can create many conflicts for parents, which are highly frustrating for everyone involved (even the child!).


The process of validation is very helpful in resolving these types of conflicts. Validation  is a way of communicating where each partner expresses verbally and/or through body language his or, her respect for the right of their partner to think, feel and perceive exactly as they do, even if there is disagreement with the content of their partners communication.

Come learn about the process of validation and how it can be applied to all aspects of parenting.   
Richard Sussman LCSW has been practicing individual and marital therapy for over 30 years both in Weston, CT and New York City. He was the co-director for the New Haven Center For Gestalt Therapy and on the core faculty of the New York Gestalt Therapy Center. His approach integrates Western psychological theory and technique with Eastern contemplative practices.





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