Animal Embassy @Weston Library-May 4

Animal Embassy will be at the Weston Public Library soon!

Saturday, May 4, 2013
4:00-5:00 pm
Digging into Nature with Animal Embassy
Animals dig into the surface of the Earth for many reasons. In nature, many of these creatures are contributing to the success of others by creating homes for them, tilling the soil, and in some cases even planting the seeds of important plants and trees. Some dig to lay their eggs, others to find or hide food, many to escape the extremes of heat and cold, while some are permanent underground residents. Library patrons will meet an African Sulcata tortoise, a Hognose snake or an Indian Sand boa, a Softshelled turtle, giant Cane toads, a ferret, large rabbit or hedgehog, a Mole salamander and more as we explore the subterranean realm and some of the animals that call it home. Dig in with Animal Embassy and uncover some of nature’s most amazing creatures!
Admission is free. Reservations are not required, but for planning purposes, the Friends of the Weston Library would appreciate an RSVP by email at Sponsored by Friends of the Weston Library.


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