Touch a Truck – 3/23/13

So, you may have heard that the 8th Annual Touch-A-Truck is next Saturday, March 23rd from 9:30am – 1:30pm at Coleytown Elementary School, 65 Easton Rd, Westport.

For those of you who attended a Touch-A-Truck event prior to 2012, you’re probably already planning to go because you know it’s awesomely fun. (You should read this email anyway, just for kicks.)

For those of you who only attended last year’s event, this may come as a surprise, but it’s even MORE fun when the sun is shining! (That’s a reminder – the event does go on… rain or shine!)

And lastly, for those of you that have never been, make sure you have marked your calendars in permanent ink (who keeps a paper calendar anymore?) because this event is SUPER FUN.

Need more info?
We have a fire engine, police car, SWAT vehicle and an ambulance – all the vehicles your kids scream about on the Post Road. Imagine how they will feel getting to SIT IN THE DRIVER’S SEAT? #mindsblown
We also have a dog grooming van, classic cars, old and new Jeeps, a transit bus and a Mercedes Sprinter Van. Totally random and weird, right?? Totally! You know who loves random and weird vehicles? YOUR KIDS.
Melissa & Doug will be providing fun arts & crafts activities for the kids as well – for FREE. (See, even something for the less truck-enthused!)
Roaming Railroad – it’s a pretend train that drives around the Coleytown parking lot. The kids go NUTS for it. You’d think it was taking them to Disneyland.
JR’s Weenie Mobile, Naples Restaurant pizza truck and Skip’s Ice Cream Co will all be there! Hot dogs + Pizza + Ice Cream = Breakfast of Champions! (Of course, all the delicious baked goods you’ve volunteered to make will be on sale. Mmmm…)
As usual, there will be a quiet hour (no horns!) from 9:30 – 10:30am for the kids out there who don’t love noise. Not to mention the parents who don’t love noise.
PS. TAT admission is ONLY $20/per family (six members or fewer) and worth every cent. BUT you should probably bring extra cash for when your kid REFUSES to get off the Roamin’ Railroad. Not that we know this from experience or anything…



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