Sergeant Brodacki Speaks About Internet Safety For Children – 2/13

Hurlbutt Elementary and Weston Intermediate Schools
Host Internet Safety Forum

For Immediate Release – January 27, 2013 – Sergeant Brodacki to discuss Internet safety for children

The Parent Teacher Organizations (PTOs) for Hurlbutt Elementary and Weston Intermediate Schools will host Sergeant Brodacki from the Weston Police Department for a discussion on Internet safety.
Sergeant Brodacki will visit the joint Hurlbutt/WIS PTO meeting on Wednesday, February 13, at 9:30 a.m. in the Hurlbutt South House cafeteria. The Sergeant works in computer forensics and hopes to help parents become more informed so they can help children stay safe on the Internet.
“Our children are very comfortable with technology, as they have grown up with it. However, are they digitally wise?” asked Sara Spaulding, Hurlbutt PTO co-president. “We want parents to help their children understand the implications of what they do online, when they send a photo from their phone or post something on Facebook. We know that a comfort level with computer skills does not always mean wisdom.”

Questions regarding the discussion should be directed to Karen Kallins, (646) 522-8762,


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