KC Westport is OPEN

Local Weston mom, Kimberly Cole, opened a new lifestyle boutique in Westport just a couple of weeks ago! Have you seen it? It’s on 68 Church Lane and is full of nice stuff! Check it out!


Here’s a little history about Ms. Cole:

In 1998, Kerry Cassill opened lala, a lifestyle boutique in Laguna Beach, California that perfectly compliments her signature lines. The most comfortable, luxury weight Indian fabrics for the body and home.

After I moved here from Laguna two years ago, I missed the store so much. It was always a place where my friends and I would stop in, shop a little, have some tea (or wine), and hang out.  I wished for a place like that here. So when Kerry came out to visit last summer and saw Weston and Westport she thought this could be a perfect spot for a “sister store”.
She sent out a few boxes of her things to me, and I had a little sale on my screened in porch. Over the next week or so I had small groups of women come over to look, tell me their opinion about the line, and if they thought a store would do well here. I almost completely sold out of everything and had to order extra merchandise. Yea!! They love it, too!
Here i am now. A makeup artist by trade. Spending my entire career working on musicians, music videos, commercials, print ads and tv. I don’t know one thing about selling clothing! So i say, “Sure, why not? How hard can it be?” VERY HARD! It’s amazing the amount of behind-the-scenes stuff that goes on to open a store. Permits and licenses and tax ID’s! Bags. logos, signs, and cards. Facebook pages and credit card machines, ordering and shipping, and ahhhhhhhh!!   
On top of it all, right in the midst of everything, a tree decided to take out our house! 
Really?  🙂
KC Westport is now open! We are on 68 Church Lane in Westport. Across from the Church and just down from The Spotted Horse (super yummy if you haven’t tried it, yet).
So please stop by. Mention that you know me through Moms in Weston and enjoy 20% off of your purchase through January. Have some tea (or wine) 🙂  Lots of great gift ideas for birthdays, hostess gifts, and just general home stuff!
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