Weston Schools Open Wed


All schools will reopen on Wednesday, November 7, with a full day of school. The previously scheduled early dismissal planned for November 7 for K-8 Parent-Teacher Conferences has been cancelled. The district will reschedule Parent-Teacher Conferences in the next few weeks, but we strongly believe it is more important right now to resume a regular school day for our students.

Today the district’s transportation department is driving the bus routes throughout our town to check for 10-foot clearances to accommodate our buses. While the roads may be passable for automobiles, there still remain numerous areas where buses cannot pass. We are working hand-in-hand with the Town to identify roads where additional limbs or obstructions for buses need to be addressed today and tomorrow in anticipation of school opening on Wednesday. Also, there still exist many power wires on the ground, some of which are energized, and these are being addressed for safety concerns as soon as possible. While every effort will be made to ensure every street is absolutely safe for bus stops on Wednesday morning, we are asking parents to accompany their students to bus stops that first day back to school as an extra precaution. A wind gust overnight can create a new hazard for the morning.

If there are a handful of streets for which bus stops may need to be relocated due to road conditions, those impacted families will be called personally before Wednesday morning to share alternative plans. As families pile up debris from the storm and place these items at the street-edge of their properties, we ask that care be taken to not place piles directly on the streets, as these will become additional obstructions for our buses.

Thank you for your patience with the restoration of our transportation system for our district. We are eager to welcome your children back to school.

Colleen A. Palmer, Ph.D.
Superintendent of Schools
Weston Public Schools
24 School Road
Weston, CT 06883


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