Town Update

11/4/2012 10:05:05 AM EST – Due to the extreme drop in temperatures, the comfort station will be open until 10 pm this evening. We will be opening up our emergency shelter, located at the High school, as well. Dogs will be allowed, but they must remain crated inside the building. Please bring your own crate and supplies. We will have a limited number of crates to borrow that will be distributed on a first come, first serve basis. Please do not stay in a cold home.

The Weston Library will be open today from 12-9 pm.

If you know of a medically vulnerable individual, or are medically vulnerable yourself, please call Gayle Weinstein so that officers can perform a welfare check. My number is 222-2656.

Today we have a total of 50 CL&P crews in town. We are hopeful that all blocked roads will be open by the end of the day. We will also begin the process of restoration. Currently, approximately 50% of our residents have power.

CL&P still has finally given us a global restoration estimate for the region of Tuesday evening by midnight. Please call CL&P customer service 1 800-286-2000 to get your personal restoration estimate. If CL&P is saying you have power but you don’t, please call me at 222-2656 and I will put you in touch with a dedicated CL&P rep.

All information will be posted on the town website, We will also continue to update our automated storm line, (203) 454-1161.


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