Thank you’s

In times of natural crisis, it is wonderful to live in a small town and have great neighboring towns. While we have no power, yet, we are not powerless. We were prepared for the storm because we got twice daily notifications from the Town through the Code Red Alert (sign up on Town’s website -left sidebar if you haven’t because it has been a lifeline for many in terms of notifications about the storm’s progress, school, comfort stations, etc.). Eventually one of the notifications hit me that it wasn’t just going to be heavy, blinding rain. The Town continues to keep us updated. Thank you, Ms. Weinstein (your voice has a calming effect). The Town also has opened a comfort station, cots in the HS for last night’s cold, and multiple sites for public space and wifi access for those of us suffering from Internet withdrawal (my daughter has been teasing me). Thank you to Dr. Palmer and Dr. Craw for your smiles and for keeping our children entertained while I get my Facebook fix. Thank you to all the volunteers who help maintain the stations, showers, cinema, and just being there with information and smiles. Thank you to the Library staff for more smiles even though most of you do not have power at home, for sharing the locations of all outlets, and for erasing my overdue fines. Thank you, Ms. Weinstein, Dr. Palmer, and the PTO for a new Weston tradition – Trunk-and-Treat. Thank you Chartwell for meal options. Thank you National Guard for helping with the tree removal. Thank you, CL & P and other utility companies for your diligence and hard work. We really appreciate your efforts. Thank you to the radio stations, local online and print news resources, and local blogs for keeping us informed. Thank you to all the moms who have contributed to the Facebook group, Moms in Weston. And finally, thank you to all our friends who have opened up their homes. If I haven’t taken you up on your offer, it’s because I’m stubborn (maybe that’s why we never got a generator or booked that one hotel room left in Fairfield County). Maybe in the back of my mind I’m thinking about my family in NYC who are still in the dark in high rises and won’t leave their apartments or those in NJ who have never lost power for this long and can’t be reached. Oh, and those who were just told no power for another 10 days in other states more devastated than our little Town. I don’t think they have multiple designated charging stations or comfort stations. I probably am forgetting many others to thank, but you are all on my mind. We are lucky to have what we do and we are very thankful.

I hope everyone else is faring well and hanging in there. We will all get through this together one day at a time. I’m still waiting for the multiple, simultaneous beeps. Until then, see you around Town. Town’s website.


2 responses to “Thank you’s

  1. Very nice sentiment, Catherine! I agree…it could be much worse.

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    • Thanks, Carol. It’s all perspective. In the grand scheme of things, we got by without major losses and are grateful. As Patty Gay (via twitter) said, we’re in this together.

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