Volunteers Needed After Storm


With Hurricane Sandy bearing down on us, it is a virtual certainty that the Town will open a comfort station to help residents deal with the effects of the storm, as it has in the past.

State government has predicted power outages lasting even longer than during tropical storm Irene, so we must prepare for a potentially extended period without power. Therefore we are asking for volunteers to man the station as needed. Here are some relevant details:

– We don’t expect the comfort station to open until the storm has abated and the roads are passable. That might not happen until Wednesday, but is being monitored by the Town.
– The comfort station, when it opens, will be in the High School.
– The Town anticipates that the hours of operation of the comfort station will be from 6AM to 10PM.
– We will man the comfort station in four-hour shifts, each consisting of two volunteers.
– The volunteers are there basically to provide directions to residents using the comfort station and monitor supplies of food and water, so that the Town can be aware of any additional needs.

If you are able to volunteer, please contact Ken Edgar (simick54@gmail.com) or Neil Horner (fhorner@us.ibm.com) and indicate when you might be available. We are currently staffing through Friday, but it is quite possible that we’ll have to stay open well beyond that point.

Thanks in advance for your willingness to volunteer to help your fellow citizens.

The Emergency Response Committee

Maria Dominici
Ken Edgar
Dawn Egan
Bob Gardner
Neil Horner
Anne Hunt
Maria Kalivas
Jon Weingarten


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