Hurricane Update

10/28/2012 2:14:51 PM EST – 10/28/11 CODE RED NOTIFICATION
This is the Town of Weston Office of Emergency Management with a Code Red update for Hurricane Sandy.
We will begin to experience the first effects from Hurricane Sandy early this evening. Unlike Hurricane Irene which lasted 12 hours, this storm is not predicted to weaken and we will be impacted at full strength for over 36 hours.
As the impending landfall of Hurricane Sandy approaches, please take the following precautions to protect your families and property.
1. Due to the latest predictions for storm surge, we are strongly recommending that if your property is prone to flooding that you make plans to evacuate.
2. If you have pets, put them on a leash and walk them, do not let them out to roam free
3. DO NOT TRAVEL DURING THE STORM. Due to excessively high winds, emergency vehicles may not be able to operate. As the eye of the storm passes, the winds associated with the storm will diminish. Stay indoors until the entire storm has passed.
4. Secure all windows, doors and outdoor items as they are susceptible to the high winds and may cause damage or injuries
5. Treat ALL downed wires as if they are live.
6. Refer to the Town of Weston website at for updates regarding the storm.
7. The town has plans in place to open an evacuation shelter if necessary. Our primary location has been changed from the Weston Middle School to the Weston High School. Again, check the town website for updates.
8. Do not call 911 unless you are experiencing a TRUE life-threatening emergency. First Responders will only be responding to actual emergencies, when conditions permit them to do so.


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