Masquerade @ the Mill – Oct 31

Masquerade at the Mill

On Wednesday, October 31st, drag your carcass down to La Roue Elayne’s Halloween Masquerade at the Mill.

From 7pm to the Witching Hour the $31.00/person admission will include: Unlimited Witches Brew, a Monster Buffet complete with a Deadly Dessert, a live performance by the Jay Stollman Band, Dancing and a Costume Contest with a Prize or the Crowd’s favorite.

Monster Menu highlights:
Starters: Witches Hair Salad with Demon Leavened Bread
Graveyard Entrée Choices: Salmon Fillet Brazened over Tortured Souls, Fire and Brimstone Roasted Chicken with Monster Mash
Dessert: Bloodied Death By Chocolate

Reservations suggested. Please call: 203-227-7221 or email
La Roue Elayne at Cobb’s Mill Inn is located at 12 Old Mill Road,


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