Meet Michelle Mecca at the Farmers’ Market – Aug 11


This Saturday, August 11, Westonite, Michelle Mecca offers two yoga classes at the Weston Farmers’ Market (Weston Historical Society’s Coley Homestead, on the corner of Weston and High Acre roads). The classes will include a focus on posture, alignment and balance, as well as, flexibility and strengthening exercises. Children will be able to participate in a devoted session from 9:30-10:00 am, followed by one for adults from 10:15-10:45 am.

The classes are perfect for anyone who is brand new to yoga or feels a bit out of practice. It is an extremely thorough basics yoga class which explores fundamental postures and the breath work associated with them. Michelle will also be available to answer questions after each session. Please bring a mat, towel, and water.

“Together we will challenge your body’s balance and coordination with a variety of yoga postures designed to reduce stress, increase your energy, focus and calm your state of mind,” says Michelle.

About Michelle Mecca

Michelle Mecca began practicing yoga in January 2004. Shortly after she started attending classes, she was practicing several times a week. Within a few months her passion for the practice inspired her to pursue a career in health and wellness.

Before pursuing a yoga instructor certification, Michelle decided to become certified as a personal trainer and expand her knowledge of physiology and the mechanics of the body. She began teaching cardio resistance strength training “interval training” both privately and in group classes.

Michelle’s passion for self-awareness directed her back to her yoga practice where she became certified as a yoga teacher through the well-respected Sarasvati Yoga Joint.

Her personal yoga philosophy applies to her practice as well as how she lives her life. Michelle believes that connecting with your inner spirit and maintaining a healthy relationship with YOU, will allow you to live from the heart and find balance in your life. “Yoga gives you the connection to your true being and opens you to discover a life that is meaningful to YOU!”

About the Weston Farmers’ Market
The Weston Farmers Market has been operated by the Weston Women’s League for more than twenty years as a community service and fundraiser for Weston charitable organizations. Proceeds from the vendor rental fees are distributed to Weston Senior Services, Weston Warm-Up Fund, Weston Historical Society, and used to build Thanksgiving baskets for Weston Social Services. For more information, visit


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