Blue Man Group Exhibit Opens Today at Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones

Onstage, the Blue Man is one part inquisitive child, one part trickster and one part superhero on a journey of discovery. Utilizing extraordinary JBL technology, the exhibit features the dynamic Blue Man Group as your guide to the science of sound.

Throughout Blue Man Group – Making Waves, families are encouraged to learn, play and explore with the same curiosity as these renowned performing artists.

At the Slide-u-lum, Build-u-lum, Sand Drum and Theramin children will have an opportunity to see, feel and create sound. At the PVC Station visitors of all ages can play the unique Blue Man Group instruments, while learning about sound waves and how sound travels.

The whole experience culminates in the
JBL-equipped Surround Sound Theater where engineering genius combines with a short musical piece by Blue Man Group to illustrate the elements of sound showcased throughout the exhibit.

Momma says: If you like Blue Man Group, you’ll love the new exhibit that is chock full of sound-making, sight-thrilling fun for kids and adults. Play songs on tubes, learn how sound travels and pitch changes, and experience the magic without painting anyone’s body blue.


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