Papadum in Westport a Hit for Kids (and Adults)


I can eat Indian cuisine morning, noon, and night. My first exposure to Indian food was during my last year of college…in Albany. One of my preceptors took my classmate and me out to dinner with her family. I could not believe that I had never had it prior to that night! Ever since then, I have enjoyed Indian restaurants throughout NYC, Boston, and now in Fairfield County, particularly in Westport. Luckily, my husband and children love it as much as I do. In fact, my first grader frequently asks to go for the lunch buffet on weekends. We also stock up on Trader Joe’s frozen entrees of lamb vindaloo, palak paneer, and naan for quick meals.

The recent info about Papadum Taste of India’s opening at 5 Bridge Square in Westport was very good news to us. The best news, however, is that they DELIVER TO WESTON! Yes, many of you have asked who besides pizzerias deliver to Weston; add this restaurant to the list.

“But is it any good?” you ask. My first grader loves Bombay Club on Post Road, and after trying the lunch buffet selection at Papadum today, she exclaimed, “This is kind of like better than the other restaurant.” She doesn’t even mind that they don’t have her favorite dish. My preschooler thinks the naan was better, too. My husband and I agree overall. The buffet selection is more diverse, giving your palate a variety of tastes to experience (appropriately named A Taste of India). If you’re vegetarian, there is ample to fill your plate with (squash, sweet potato, spinach, lentils, and more), and if you like your meat, the lamb, chicken, and fish dishes will be satiating. If you’re omnivorous, try everything. I would love some chutney, though, for the papadum and tandoori chicken. There were only a few things (like any new restaurant) they will need some time to nail (including the signage, which was being hung as we were enjoying our meal), but they’re minor and with prompting and patience, this restaurant will be a hit in Bridge Square. Besides the buffet items, they do have a full menu that you can order from. It is indeed a kid-friendly restaurant. A full bar is available as they do have a liquor license. The prices are very reasonable ($8.95 for the lunch buffet on weekdays and it was under $12 on weekends; kids are $4.95).


We also liked theview of the bridge from where we were sitting. The restaurant seats about 40, and they do take reservations. It wasn’t packed to the gill this afternoon, but there were definitely many curious guests coming in and enjoying the food. It will become a very popular establishment very quickly as it is by the beach and train station and the food is quite good. We’re definitely going to be regulars. Did I mention that they deliver to Weston?

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For Mother’s Day, they will have a special lunch buffet for the occasion. By the way, I found coupons to share from coupon clipper. You can redeem it via your phone or print and present. Enjoy!

P.S. Their website is still under construction, but if you need to reach them, they are at 203-557-9000.


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