Silverman’s Animal Farm Increases Playspace

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One of our favorite places to visit is Silverman’s Animal Farm in Easton. Not only do the kids enjoy filling the paper cups with dried corn kernels (bring lots of quarters with you), but they always try feeding the animals (or they ineffectively throw the feed through the fencing). Either way, make sure they wash their hands with soap and water at the sinks (two stations located in the farm) prior to picnicking in the tented areas. Of course, you can’t leave the farm without spending at least an hour at the play area. There has been a recent addition to the wooden tractors; a wooden train with ample space to fit at least 20 children at a time (hint hint: birthday party venue). When you’re done playing, don’t forget to head over to the general store across the street to pick up some apples, baked goods, ice cream, or other fancy items. Personally, I like the apple turnovers and the apple dumplings. Of course, you can pack your own snacks and bring it into the farm. When the season is right, you can also pick your own fruit from the orchards. Check out their website for offerings.

Silverman’s Farm is located at 451 Sport Hill Road in Easton. Admission to the farm is $5 for adults and $3 for children. During the week, you may have to cross over to the florist (general store) to pay. I bought a frequent visitor pass that never expires (12 visits per card; each visit gets marked off). By the way, we have had our mixed-age playgroup meetings there twice now. A favorite for sure!



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