Free Talk on GMO’s – Apr 24

What Are GMOs and What Does CT’s Labeling Bill Mean for Consumers?
Genetically modified foods are labeled in 50 countries, but not the US. CT consumers deserve the right to know what’s in our food and HB 5117 would mandate the labeling of GMOs. Learn why the FDA hasn’t mandated their labeling, why federal legislation has failed, and discover the health risks associated with GMOs and how to avoid them in our diets.

Join us on
Tuesday, April 24th at
The Weston Public Library
Community Room at 7:00pm
56 Norfield Road, Weston

Please join Analiese Paik and Tara Littman, Founders of THE RIGHT TO KNOW CT Organization ( for an important and dynamic discussion on GMOs. Several of our CT legislators will also be present.

The program is free and open to the public. The Friends of the Weston Public Library and the Weston sustainability Committee are proud to sponsor this event. Please register online at


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