Weston Soccer Opens Saturday 4/21

Saturday Tots 9 and 10:30 am Programs
The tots will be run exactly the same as the previous years with a just turn up and play (as opposed to being assigned teams).

The field location will still be on Morehouse 2 and the field numbers the kids will be playing on will be 7&8 we will just divide the kids up accordingly each week.

Preschool and Kindergarten Programs From Weston Soccer
by Chris Myers/Kevin Fitzsimmons posted 04/08/2012

Dear parents of pre-k and kindergarten soccer players,

As you know, Weston Soccer is continually making adjustments to its programs to better serve the players (and you, the parents). On this occasion, we are writing to you to let you know that the Weston Soccer Rec program on Saturday mornings is being slightly modified so that all the kids will still be able to enjoy their Saturday morning kick-about with their friends but in a less competitive format than in the years gone by.

The reason for the change? We agree with the USSF (United States Soccer Federation) that younger players should be free of team identity, pressures and schedules, and that they should be allowed to focus on running after the ball and having fun with their friends instead.

So, for the Spring 2012 season, we are switching to a “turn-up and play” system in which players are put into small teams on the day. This will give your children the chance to play with, and against, different players every week.

Everything else in the program will remain the same. There will still be a professional coach on every field. He/she will run a fun warm-up and coach the game and, with the help of some parent volunteers, shuffle players around if needed. The parent volunteers will also help out with the substitutes and management of the kids on the sidelines.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact either of us at k.fitz@rnunesacademy.com or cgmyers03@aol.com.

Kevin Fitzsimmons
Director Of Coaching

Chris Myers

Momma says: Bring lawn chairs or blankets and dress your child(ren) and yourselves in layers. Observers may want to bring a blanket or wear an extra layer as we tend to be colder from lack of activity. Don’t forget water bottles for water breaks and sunblock/bug spray. The kids are there to have fun, so relax and enjoy watching them and let the professional coaches and parent coaches do their parts. If you’re unsure whether the field will be open due to rain or wet field conditions, please call the Weston Soccer Hotline at 834-3773. For more general information, check www.westonsoccer.com

What are your thoughts of this new layout?


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