You Asked! Where can I get a toddler bed/mattress?

Where do you shop for kids’ furniture in Fairfield County?


3 responses to “You Asked! Where can I get a toddler bed/mattress?

  1. Leona Peiffer

    Ikea. They are in there for such a short period of time, its not worth spending a lot of $$$$
    If you are upgrading to a big kid bed, go to the Bloomingdales outlet in Hawthorne NY. You can get $10,000 mattresses for 90% off.

  2. Try PBKids (Pottery Barn Kids), there’s one at the Westchester Mall, my toddler actually took her shoes off in the store & climbed in (without prompting!)

  3. Laureen Houck

    With all the physical and developmental changes he’s going through from day to day, it can be enough of a problem to cope with your little boy’s constant activity, let alone track his constantly shifting preferences. If you think that you can transform your baby son’s nursery into a big boy’s bedroom without spending a reasonable amount of money, it is going to be extremely difficult. The secret to making this a success is to get your son a bedding collection of the most refined quality, and choosing a theme that will accompany him right through his growing years.”

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