Show of Support Event – Feb 25 (CT-Moms)

From CT-Moms online:

We have all been profoundly moved by recent fire-related tragedies in our community, specifically the Stamford fire on Christmas Day, and there has been an overwhelming outpouring of support, concern and emotion among the members of CT-Moms and the general public our support for this family.  We feel the most meaningful way for area families to show how deeply we have been moved by the recent fire-related tragedies would be by showing up at one of the participating fire stations, and refreshing our knowledge of fire safety and prevention strategies.
This way, we will allow our actions to speak in a way that words never could when it comes to reverence for those who have lost life as well as gratitude to those who save lives every day.

We plan on standing together for one hour on Saturday, February 25th at 10am to show our support not just to this family but to every fire house and rescue operation in our area.   We will show our support by standing up with our time, our concern and donations.  The Badger family has set up  The Other 364 Foundation,whose mission is to champion compassion every day of the year on behalf of the five lives lost.  All proceeds will be split between this foundation and the participating fire departments.   Donations are being accepted at the day’s events, online and by mail to CT-Moms; P.O. Box 106; Greens Farms, CT 06838.

One of the most useful ways to honor this family would be to ensure that your own family never has to face such a situation.  It’s time to clear up any confusion about fire safety in our homes and with our families.  It’s time to actually inspect our home for fire hazards, install, test or replace those smoke detectors, invest in fire prevention and protection around our homes and empower everyone who lives with us with a proper exit strategy.  Dozens of questions have come up on our forums with members turning to one another and the internet for help but finding conflicting answers. Because of this, our Leadership Team has coordinated with a half-dozen local fire departments and are hosting a county-wide Family Fire Safety Day to be held on Saturday, February 25th, 2012 entitled A Show of Support.

At 10am, the fire stations listed below will open their doors to your families with information sessions and hands on activities ranging from how to make your home safer to what should happen in the event of a fire. Varying with each station, parents will be able to use a fire extinguisher to practice putting out a real fire, children will be allowed explore their firetrucks or take a tour of the firehouse,  a firefighter will demonstrate what a firefighter looks like in full gear, free smoke detectors and/or batteries may be handed out and much more. CT-Moms will be providing light snacks and a themed craft at several of the locations.

As part of the event, Elahi Children Yoga in Westport is hosting a session specifically for families with children or adults in the household who have special needs.  Elahi founder Kami Evans says “When it comes to fire safety in the home, families with special needs face a unique set of physical and emotional challenges. In cooperation with volunteers from the Westport Fire Station, we will offer customized demonstrations, a question and answer session, and relaxation strategies to help make successfully navigating stressful situations easier for everyone in the family.”

All Proceeds will be donated to participating firehouses with a portion going to The Other 364 Foundation, in honor of the Badger family in Stamford. The suggested donation for attendees is $20/family and donations are being accepted online as well at:

 Checks can also be made payable to CT-Moms Online;  P.O. Box 106; Greens Farms, CT  06838Donations will be evenly split between participating firehouses and The Other 364 Foundation.

Please note, because The Other 364 Foundation has not received a 501(c)3 tax-exempt certification as of yet and because the fire departments are state-run, any donations made to this cause are NOT tax-deductible.

Any donations above $50, whether online or in person, will be automatically entered to in a drawing to win this ride-in Classic Fire Truck Pedal Car, pictured below, ideal for youngsters ages 3-6.

Participating Fire Stations:   

Stamford: Belltown Fire Station:    8 Dorlen Road, Stamford CT

Darien:    Noroton Heights Fire Station    209 Noroton Avenue, Darien CT

Bridgeport:    Bridgeport Fire Station    30 Congress Street, Bridgeport CT

Trumbull:     Trumbull Center Fire Department     860 White Plains Road, Trumbull CT

Greenwich:     Greenwich Fire Station     75 Holly Hill Lane, Greenwich, CT

Fairfield:     Stratfield Fire Department     400 Jackman Avenue, Fairfield CT

Norwalk:   Location TBD

Stratford:   Location TBD

Shelton:    Location TBD

Special-Needs Focused Fire Safety:     Christ & Holy Trinity Church     75 Church Lane, Westport, CT

*Firehouses in Derby, Easton, Milford, New Canaan, Norwalk, Shelton, Southport, Stratford, and Trumbull may be organized as well.

This event has been graciously sponsored by several local businesses including Cox Radio, Moffly Media Group, Hearst Publications, SuzySaid, LululemonKaia Yoga and more.  You can get more information about our generous sponsors here.

Check back here for updates and if you would like your firestation to participate, business to sponsor or organization to partner, email us here 


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