Mom Motivation Workshop: Promoting Literacy for Young Children – Jan 13

Join us tomorrow!

“Dr. Michelle Albright’s areas of interest and expertise include the development, implementation, and evaluation of programs to promote children’s language and literacy development, social-emotional learning, and academic achievement. Her research and clinical work also focuses on promoting family involvement in children’s learning, and school-family partnerships. An additional aim of her work has been to enhance educator preparation and professional development and facilitate the exchange of tools and resources among educators, clinicians, and researchers.”

Moms in Weston, CT is fortunate to have Dr. Albright present resources and tips on how to promote literacy in young children. All attendees will receive the DVD, Can I Read To You. You can learn more about Dr. Albright and what Albright Consulting, LLC is currently working on at her website.

This is a free workshop open to the public from 9:30-10:30 am on Friday, January 13th at the Weston Library Community Room. Please feel free to bring your children.


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