Giveaway: “Eat, Drink and ReMarry”


MIW Review: Stacey Tucker, had a lovely first wedding and thought she had the perfect married life. Five years later, she realized it was all wrong and ended up divorced at 28. She then discovered the love of her life shortly after and started dating again. StaceyLu was on Cloud 9…until he proposed to her. Should she have a traditional wedding? Again? Would it be appropriate to register and ask her friends and loved ones to give her yet another set of wedding gifts? Stacy uses humor to describe her feelings of uncertainty, anxiety, and fear of finding true happiness the second time around. “Eat, Drink and ReMarry…StaceyLu’s Guide to Planning the Second Time Around” is not only full of anecdotes, but also full of wonderful tips on how to do it right. She was afraid to ask for help when she was planning the wedding, and realizes in hindsight how much easier and enjoyable it would have been had she just asked for guidance. If you’re planning a second wedding (or even if it’s your first), this book is the answer. It’s undoubtedly witty, inspirational, and complete as a guide for brides-to-be. StaceyLu offers help for traditional and nontraditional types of ceremonies, including tips on where to have it, who to invite, where to get invitations, what to pack the day of the wedding, and more.

StaceyLu is a fellow Westonite and the author of the blog, “Saying it Out Loud” at Her book is available at

Moms in Weston, CT is giving away a free copy to one lucky reader. Want to win it? Just say “I do” in the comments section. The winner will be selected randomly on 1/1/2012.

Update: The winner is Jen! Congratulations!


6 responses to “Giveaway: “Eat, Drink and ReMarry”

  1. Diana Toomey-Wilson

    Not sure it’s fair for me to say “I do,” don’t know many singles or brides these days. But I so love Stacey’s writing!! OK, “I do!”

  2. “I do” – really really I do!

  3. “I do” think this book would be a great read for a newlywed like me 😛 I do!

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