Protect Your Home From Fires

The tragic fire that took five lives in Stamford was heartbreaking. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the surviving members.

We can certainly learn from this incident and prevent house fires in our own homes. This type of accidental fire has occurred in our neck of the woods in the past, and it can be prevented. Here are some tips to prevent a house fire:

– Replace batteries of smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors regularly (for example, with daylight savings time changes).
– Fireplace ashes and embers are flammable for 72 hours; dispose properly (do not remove while hot).
– Fire extinguishers should be kept visible and accessible. Learn how to use them.
– Avoid overloading outlets.
– Plan escape route and review with all members of the family.
– Participate in the Weston Volunteer Fire Department’s Annual Open House to learn more fire safety tips.

Online resources:
U.S. Fire Association
Weston Volunteer Fire Department
Fires at


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