Happy Holidays!

Let’s face it. Motherhood is tough, but being a mother makes us tougher. Even if a child came with a manual, there are numerous curve balls that it would have failed to mention. After the first few times, a seasoned mother will be able to change a loaded diaper without gagging. She can put on a smile even after having had projectile vomiting on freshly laundered sheets or shirt. More importantly, we learn to function on just a few hours of sleep each night.

Motherhood also makes us more fashionable. White shirts get the most spit up or food stains onto them, so when shopping for new clothes, try orange or red. Another trend I’ve noticed on many moms is the holey knee, usually on one side. It’s from getting down on that knee to wipe a drippy nose or to give a hug goodbye. I’ve noticed it on my corduroys, too. It’s to be expected.

Motherhood definitely helps with our sense of humor. Moms learn to suppress laughter even during a temper tantrum; you just laugh about it later with a fellow mom or your spouse. And what about those darn things that they say in private and in public?

It’s been a really great year of sharing funny stories and experiences for Moms in Weston, CT. Thank you to all of the moms for being a part of the Facebook group and to all the subscribers of this blog. The Mom’s Night Out, Mom and Tot Lunches, Mixed-age Playgroup Outings, and Mom Motivation Workshops will continue in 2012. This blog for moms by moms is grateful to be a part of your lives.

Also, thanks to all of our guest speakers who donated their time and expertise. You have given us motivation and ideas to add to our personal manuals. Finally, thanks to the companies that supported our giveaways. We love trying new things!


We at Moms in Weston, CT hope your holidays are filled with joy and laughter! Have a safe 2012!


2 responses to “Happy Holidays!

  1. Catherine, YOU are amazing! Without you none of these things, playgroups, moms nights out, Friday adventures would ever happen. Thanks for sharing your ideas and thoughts with all of us and a very Happy Holidays to you.

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