Elahi Yoga Class Discount – Exclusive Offer to MIW Followers

We met Kami Evans, founder of Elahi Yoga, last month when she brought her creative form of yoga practice for children to the Weston Public Library. All the children and moms had fun! Kami engages children of all ages and the caregivers, allowing both parties to relax and enjoy the moment). She uses songs with catchy lyrics that your children will sing again and again. Her stories are also very relevant and captivating. Thank you, Kami!

Elahi Yoga is described below:

Elahi, the Persian word for “blessed” is the name of our children’s yoga practice, for we believe that all children are blessed.

Elahi Yoga was founded in 2009 to bring children and their families together to expand the boundaries of their minds and bodies. Elahi Yoga welcomes active learners to experience special needs and family yoga through private yoga sessions, workshops, and training certifications.

Elahi Method™ classes are a fun and playful way for kids to explore and exercise the mind and body. We teach with animated poses and use basic stretching exercises to help kids understand their own strength, flexibility, coordination and body awareness. Breathing exercises are also an essential part of the routine. Through yoga practice we create a safe environment where kids can dance, sing, laugh and express themselves.

There will be a new class for 2-3 year-old children to be held inside Christ and Holy Trinity Church at 75 Church Lane beginning in January. Classes will be 45-minutes long. Tuition is $450 for 20 classes.

For a limited time only, Moms in Weston, CT followers and subscribers will receive $50 off if you register online and type in THANKS as the promo code by Friday, November 25th.


Elahi Yoga

Website: www.elahiyoga.com

Phone: 917-657-0369


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