Weston Comfort Stations, Wifi, and More (Update from Town)

11/1/2011 10:06:20 AM EST – This is a Code Red update for the Town of Weston on Tuesday, November 1 at10 am.

We are anticipating Weston restoration projections from CL&P by the end of today. Statewide, CL&P is giving restoration estimates of approximately one week. Today, CL&P is working on fixing the major circuits in the hopes of restoring power to a number of residents. The focus of our town road crews will be to making the roads passable for school buses.

The emergency shelter and comfort station located at the rear entrance of the Weston Middle School will remain open until further notice from 6am until 9 pm. Please bring your towels and toiletries. Town Hall will be open today and tomorrow from 9- 5, the Senior Center will be open from 9-2, and the Town library will be open from 9- 6 for internet access and charging capabilities. The High School library will be open today 8-4-, and movies will run in the HS auditorium throughout the day. Wi-Fi is available in the high school lobby.

Weston’s AT&T storm line is currently out of service, so please call 203-222-2591 for updated recorded information. To speak to a person, please call 203-222-2692. Our website, http://www.westonct.gov and facebook page will be updated as we receive additional information from CL&P.

This has been a Code Red message from the Town of Weston.


One response to “Weston Comfort Stations, Wifi, and More (Update from Town)

  1. Thank you, for sharing this information with us. I am so proud of how Westport, Weston Connecticut and the surrounding Fairfield County communities pulled together. Residents reached out to their neighbors, offering a warm meal, shower, or a place to sleep. It is heart warming to be part of a community where everyone comes together and lends a helping hand, to their neighbors in need.

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