Maclaren Warehouse Sale (Norwalk) – Oct 8-10


Here is some advice from LW, a local mom who went last year:

…the lines were long, it was hot & disorganized, but the deals were great! I think they learned some lessons from the last sale so it should be better this time around. For one thing this year its 3 days instead of only 1 so I would imagine other things will be different.

Here is our take from last time:

  • Take cash – They only had one cash register for credit cards (which caused long lines) you might be able to skip ahead, like we did, if you have cash.
  • Don’t panic – We showed up first thing in the morning like a lot of other people and it was mobbed. We assumed they had a limited amount for sale, but as it turned out they had plenty of each model since the products came straight from their warehouse. People who went at 4pm rather than 10am were able to make their purchases quickly.
  • Stroller models are current – This isn’t a “sample” sale ; all the strollers are brand new and mostly this/last year’s model. They didn’t have everything (e.g. no Triumph doubles, but they did have Techno doubles). In fact, the one we bought last June was a 2010 model and it is still being sold. So check out their website and think about what you want ahead of time – it might be there!
  • Deals were great – I can’t remember, but I think we paid around $130 for a $250 stroller.
  • Lots of accessories – Great deals on foot muffs, stroller liners, and also some of their toys.
  • Free gifts – We got a backpack filled with samples of their skincare line and seat liners.

Again – this was last year’s experience, and anything could happen this year. Happy shopping!

Thanks, LW, for the tips!


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