I Zumba, Therefore I am…

I just tried my first ever Zumba class last Tuesday. Prior to this, I had purchased a Living Social deal for Zumba classes in Norwalk, but I ended up donating it. I never went for various excuses – too far (not true since I could have hopped onto 53 to Main Ave. easily, and my friends assured me that parking was plentiful); I can’t dance (true); I can’t move (well, I can, just not that way)…you get the picture. Four months later, I was going through the offerings at the Enchanted Garden in Ridgefield for my children and came across something for me! Yes, Zumba classes. I decided to try them once and for all. Actually, I called and bought a 10-class card without even trying it. I was determined to get in shape.

On the day of the first class, I could have walked away before it started because there was a miscommunication about the class start time, but I waited with another mom until the instructor came. We had a blast! Yes, definitely worth the wait. I did walk into the studio with my heart pounding, but when the curtains were drawn, I relaxed. Then the lights went out, the disco lights came alive, and the music blared. That’s when the fun began!

It was really challenging for me because I had trouble with the footwork (similar steps in previous fitness workouts, but not quite). By the time I figured out the foot sequence, I had to tackle the arms. I’m not that coordinated so you can imagine how I lost the rhythm below just as I figured out the arms. Then there’s the shimmy. Um, what? How do you move like that? I guess I will learn with practice and time. Friends have asked me, “Do you feel muscles aching afterwards? Are you using muscles you didn’t know you have? Are you seeing results?” I had to laugh and say, “It was just one class.” If I move correctly, I’m sure I will answer “yes” to all of the questions. Sadly, my daughter took one class at camp and was showing me how easy it is. All I can say is that I was glistening afterwards and needed a shower desperately. So, I burned calories. Also, towards the afternoon, I was ready for a nap. Of note, the instructor at my place, Nicole, is really awesome – high energy, very encouraging, and really loves to teach! So, I’m getting ready to go again in a bit.

If you’re looking to try a Zumba class, check the gym you’re already a member with or come to the Enchanted Garden. It seems Zumba is everywhere. Some places even offer a class for kids. Here is my google search “Zumba fairfield county, ct” for your information. Have fun!

If you Zumba, let us know why you chose this over other types of fitness classes.

Lastly, I Zumba, therefore I am happier.


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