Mothers of Multiples Tag Sale – Oct 15


Infant to Pre-Teen clothing
Toys & Equipment
Saturday, October 15, 2011
11am – 2pm
St. Thomas Apostle Church
208 East Ave, Norwalk CT
$1 Admission
Cash Only – No Strollers Allowed


One response to “Mothers of Multiples Tag Sale – Oct 15

  1. Do I have to be a member of “mother of multiples” to attend this tag sale?

    I am currently in / out of the hospital and have very little resources to get me ready for my twin girls and boy. I live in a small apartment, hopefully and planning to move into a larger apartment. But, I can’t get things ready because I am in the hospital so much.
    I was told about mothers of multiples in May, 2011 and keep looking out for it to be posted. I don’t even know what I am in store for during the future. I am currently 29 weeks and never thought I would be unable to work; I am hoping to carry my babies until full term.

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