Town of Weston Code Red

Sign up with our Town’s communication system (Code Red) to receive emergency updates due to weather or other causes affecting us on the Weston homepage at I received this via email, voicemail, and text message. Very helpful information.

8/26/2011 3:06:49 PM EST – This is the Town of Weston Office of Emergency Management with a Code Red update for Hurricane Irene. The effects of Hurricane Irene will begin tomorrow with heavy rain and we anticipate hurricane winds of up to 100 mph to begin on Sunday morning. This may change at any time, and people should check the town website for updates.
As the impending landfall of Hurricane Irene approaches, please take the following precautions to protect your families and property.
1. If you do not plan on evacuating, shelter yourselves indoors, stay away from windows and establish a room on the lowest level of your home as a safe area.
2. Store enough food and water for a 72 hour period.
3. DO NOT TRAVEL DURING THE STORM. Due to excessively high winds, emergency vehicles may not be able to operate.
4. Do not touch any wires or trees touching wires.
5. Refer to the Town of Weston website at for updates regarding the storm
6. The town has plans in place to open an evacuation shelter if it is deemed necessary. There are several locations and notification will be made to all residents if the decision is made to open an evacuation shelter. Again, check the town website for updates.
7. Do not call 911 unless you are experiencing a TRUE life-threatening emergency. First Responders will only be responding to actual emergencies, when conditions permit them to do so.


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