Sherwood Island Nature Center Programs

A letter from Program Director Rindy Higgins for park visitors of all ages:

Every day there is something new and fun happening at the Sherwood Island Nature Center!

The book nook offers a cozy spot for young families to read together.

Use your imagination as you examine the mounts of animals found in the Sherwood Island area. Careful — don’t get too close! — black bears and coyotes can be found here, too!

The big extended family of live critters — turtles, snakes, crabs, smallfish and more — are often joined by special visitors from the waters of Long Island Sound. That’s why it’s good to visit often and see what’s new!

Right now, a sea cucumber is visiting as our special guest. And it has a special survival trick! Like a seastar, it can send its stomach out for lunch. But, unlike any other animal, when threatened by a predator, it can cut itself off from its stomach, slither away, and then grow a whole new stomach!

Every week there are different new interactive activities to inform and amuse you. Discover rocks that float and wood that sinks. Try your hand at shell crafts, hunt for ‘fossils’ or make newspaper seed pots! That’s just the beginning. We also have programs such as playing a coyote game, building your own toy boats, or dissecting owl pellets (what was it that wise old bird had for dinner last night?).

You can accompany our professional staff on a scavenger hunt nature walk along the marsh just outside the Center. Or, join the staff as they use a seine net to catch animals off the shore at East Beach, and you never know what you’ll find! Come join in the fun of discovery!

Coming up in the near future:

July 24-30: Garden Week: come see our new garden, based on Naive American gardens, and hear a legend as to why it is called a Three Sisters garden. Make a newspaper pot and plant some seeds to bring home!
July 31- Aug. 6: Bird Week: Come see Birds of Prey on July 31 at 2p. Use our spotting scope to observe live osprey. Play a bird beak adaptation game, go on a bird walk, or dissect an owl pellet!
Aug. 7-13: Sink or Swim: be challenged by items that float or sink! Even adults may be surprised! Make a toy wooden boat to take home.

To reach the Nature Center by email:

July 31: Live Birds of Prey return!

On Sunday, July 31, at 2:00 pm, Christine and Todd Secki, of A Place Called Hope, will return to the park to repeat the Birds of Prey presentation that thrilled a large audience last year. A Place Called Hope, Inc. is a Raptor Rehabilitation and Education Center which specializes in the rescue and care of Connecticutʼs wild injured, orphaned or ill Birds of Prey. Current resident raptor species will be there for a unique up-close experience as each bird shares its own personal story of survival.


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