Summer Book Sales Start This Weekend

Seriously, I have enough books to occupy my reading time for the rest of my life (and probably yours), but I can’t pass up the big book sales like the ones coming up in the next few weeks!

First, the Friends of the C.H. Booth Library in Newtown is hosting their 36th Annual Book Sale starting on Saturday, June 9th through Wednesday, June 13th. It’s so big (more than 85 categories) that they’re holding it in the Reed Intermediate School (Trades Lane). Free admission begins on Sunday; half-price (we’re talking half of $2, not cover price) on Monday; $5 per bag on Tuesday; and free day on Wednesday. On Tuesday and Wednesday you can fill up your own bag or a bag of theirs. It’s still a deal either way. You’d be surprised that there are still good books left on the last days of the sale. For sale times and directions, please check the library’s web site.

The following week in Westport, The Friends of the Westport Library will be hosting their “Biggest Summer Sale Ever” under tents on Jesup Green and inside the library (20 Jesup Road). The sale begins on Saturday, July 19th and runs through Tuesday, July 22nd. Monday is half price day and Tuesday is free day (fill up a suitcase if you want, but please leave behind a cash donation). More details are available at the library’s web site.

Then it’s the Pequot Library Annual Summer Book Sale starting on Friday, July 22nd to July 26th. If you’ve never been to the Pequot Library in Southport, it’s worth a visit just to look at the building itself. This sale will have over 140, 000 books for sale. The fiction and children’s books are usually outside under a tent. Monday is half-price day and Tuesday is bag day. More information can be found on their web site.

Some tips for the moms:

1) If you’re bringing kids, leave the stroller in the car, unless you know for a fact that there is a lot of open space. I used to have my son in a carrier.

2) Take the kids to the children’s section first and pick some books for them. The more pictures the better for the younger ones.

3) Find a spot to sit them down and have them read or flip pages. If possible, take turns with spouse to browse/babysit. If you’re braving it alone, having the stroller will be helpful.

4) If you have limited time, make a beeline to the section(s) where you will likely find your books. Get a map of the layout if you must. I like my fiction and mysteries, but I like trade paperbacks and not mass paperbacks. So, I ignore the latter section altogether. Hardcovers if time permits.

5) I really just like to browse and, sadly, I do judge books by covers. If the cover has any mention of Oprah or some kind of literary award, it gets added to my pile. If I have Internet access, I will check my librarything account to see if I already own it. If I don’t, I’ll add it to my pile anyway because I canalways trade it off with bookmooch or bookins (there are others). But honestly, this is how I  still have 700+ books, but through trading I have discovered new authors.

6) If you’re up for anything, then wait until free day and fill up your bag or box. Then sort at home. If you get a pile that’s taller than your child, you might want to invest in a CueCat and scan your books into the virtual library (, which is free if you have less than 200 books.

The way I see it is we’re helping the libraries when we’re buying more books; book sales are their fundraisers. Well, my family could probably hold our own book sales with the thousands that we’ve acquired for ourselves and our kids, but we’re never out of stories! And the next time Moms in Weston, CT has a book swap, you’ll have some to trade. Or just donate them to the Weston Public Library on Sundays for their upcoming book sale in the fall. That’s recycling for you!


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