The Magic of Lyn – Tonight at 7 pm

From the Levitt Pavilion online calendar:

It’s no sleight of hand, Lyn Dillies is one of the premiere illusionists in the U.S. today. She is sure to cast a spell on you! Deemed America’s Premiere Female Illusionist by the Society of American Magicians and regarded as a pioneer in her field, Lyn ignites each show with her stunning array of astounding illusions, laced with suspense and excitement. She has developed the perfect show – maintaining all the Vegas glitz while being family friendly. Absolutely spellbinding! Sponsored by Westport Young Women’s League

Momma says: You won’t want to miss this show! In the past couple of years that we have attended, this particular show was indoors at the rain site (Saugatuck Elementary School auditorium, where food is not allowed). It doesn’t reflect this on the calendar, but it is there this year, as well, as the show requires certain lighting and accommodations for certain effects. Enjoy our review from last year’s show.

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