Stress-free July 4th Cookout Planning with Graze

Fourth of July Cookouts Made Simple With Graze
(SPECIAL: free delivery AND free pie -read on)

How relaxing is Independence Day if you’re tied to the kitchen doing food prep? At Graze, they get it. The owners are two busy moms who’d rather spend their weekends sipping Margaritas than slicing and dicing. So, whether you’re headed out of town, or plan to hit Compo beach, Bisceglie Pond, or the Weston fireworks spectacular, Graze (a weekly farm-to-fridge online delivery service that brings fresh, wholesome and sustainably produced foods directly from Vermont’s family farms to your front door) is making your barbecues and beach picnics a lot easier with a special pre-Fourth of July delivery on Thursday, June 30.

Stock up on pasture-raised steaks and tasty angus burgers (raised on grass, finished on all-natural grains), homemade cole slaw, fresh salsas, tzatziki sauce, tomato caprese salad, cheeses, dairy, fresh-baked pies and more! All of Graze’s foods come from small family farms that are either Certified Organic or best practice/sustainable. Graze does not work with any conventional farms. Animals are raised without hormones, antibiotics or confinement; fruits and veggies are not sprayed with carcinogenic sprays. It is food as it should be (and prices compare to Whole Foods).

No menu planning, no fighting the crowds at the supermarket… just place your order, toss the meats on the grill, put the sides in pretty bowls, and you’re good to go. The best part? You don’t have to be a customer to order (though you’ll probably want to give Graze a try after you’ve sampled their foods!) Oh…and as an exclusive gift to “Moms in Weston” readers, Graze is including a complimentary home-baked pie in your order (a $15.00 value)! And, did I mention that delivery to your door is free?

To order from Graze’s Fourth of July Menu, please visit and place your order by noon, Tuesday, June 28, for delivery to your door on June 30th. (Deliveries typically arrive before noon. If you’re not at home, their friendly driver will leave your insulated bin in a shady spot; the bins keep foods fresh and cold for up to four hours.)

For more in-depth product descriptions of all the items on this menu, visit or call 1-888-WE GRAZE.

For one Mom’s review of Graze, read our previously published post.

Have a safe and wonderful Fourth of July from Moms in Weston, CT!


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