Bisceglie-Scribner Pond Opens Jun 25

Beach rights to Compo in Westport is a wonderful benefit of living in Weston, but we can’t wait until the Bisceglie-Scribner Pond opens this week. “What pond?” you ask. Drive down Newtown Turnpike and you’ll see a sign that says “Park Entrance.” You’re thinking, “Park entrance? I see ball fields, but I don’t see a playground anywhere.” Turn in and keep going past the fields. Depending on the time of day, sometimes you’ll find a car or two to your right, or maybe just a landscaper’s truck. At other times, it can be a busy lot. Just park, walk through the metal gate, and continue on the path into the wooded area. Really, there’s a playground in there! And beginning on Saturday, June 25th, the man-made, outdoor pond behind the swings will be open daily from 11:30 to 6 pm through Labor Day with lifeguards on duty. The Pond is maintained by Weston’s Parks and Recreation Department. This year, the permit is free for all Weston families; all you need to bring with you on your first visit is this completed form to submit to one of the lifeguards.

Ok, so our Pond does not offer a vast body of water, but there is a shallow end and a deep end (swimmers must pass a swim test once to enjoy the deep end). For a child who is just starting swim lessons, the shallow end is ideal for practicing new skills. Although my daughter enjoys the thrills of the beach waves, she much prefers swimming in the Pond for its calmness. Besides, the lifeguard to swimmer ratio at the Pond is much better than the one at the beach.

Early in the season, the kids love to look for tadpole. My son loves to build sand castles, and there is plenty of that for everyone. There are no shells, rocks, or garbage in the sand; the lifeguards rake through it every evening before closing. Want to bring a picnic? Enjoy it in the gazebo (wear bug spray) where picnic tables await, or set up your own on the sand. Need a local, outdoor space that isn’t your backyard for a child’s birthday party? Here is a manageable playground area, picnic tables, and a pond. In the past, grills were available for cook-outs. On some nights, the Pond stays open a little later for events hosted by the Department.

Besides being able to enjoy some reading time with one eye on the book and the other on my children (instead of hovering over them for fear of them running out into the parking lot or getting swept away by waves), there are a lot of other reasons why we like visiting the Pond. Check them out on this previous post in Moms in Weston, CT. The best reason of all, though, is meeting new people. In this well-hidden community gem is where I met many of you! You may even meet a neighbor from your street! So visit the Pond this summer, and visit often. I hear PLAY DATE calling us.


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