How to Buy a Westport Beach Sticker in Weston

As of yesterday, May 1st, all visitors of Compo Beach in Westport will need to show a parking emblem or pay the daily rate. I purchased mine on Friday at the Weston Town Hall. It’s very easy if you follow these simple steps.

1) Write out a check to “Town of Westport” for $220 (general fee).

2) Complete the short registration form (available at the desk) which asks for your name and the model, make, year of vehicle(s) you are purchasing emblems for. Remember that it is one sticker per car as your license plate is printed onto the sticker, which you place on the windshield of the passenger side.

3) Provide your car registration (it will be promptly returned to you).

4) Submit the 3 pieces of paperwork into the basket on the desk (to the right as you enter) and return to the waiting area in the hall. Once prepared, your car registration and the parking emblem will be brought to you. The wait is not long at all; a few minutes if no-one else is waiting.

P.S. The Town Hall is across from the Weston Public Library (56 Norfield Road)


One response to “How to Buy a Westport Beach Sticker in Weston

  1. Got mine!

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