How to Get Picture Perfect Results, or Closer to Perfect

22, 857 pictures/videos on my laptop, which includes the 4, 045 items also still on my iPhone, but not the 110 photos from PhotoBooth. Sure, some of them are blurry, and some are questionable. Yes, there are even some that are beyond Photoshop. Although I have had some great results with my point-and-shoot Canon camera that you see scattered throughout the blog and a front-page appearance in a local paper, I remain an amateur photographer just hoping to capture as many of the precious moments, especially those with my children. Having just perused the manual quickly, there are many settings that I could play with to get even better outcomes. Oh, and I used to keep my flash on “auto” until I noticed that sometimes the use of the flash changes the colors of the actual objects. So, when do I want to use the flash? Do I want to zoom or try to physically get closer to my target? Now that I have all of these photos, how do I go about organizing them? These and other questions will be answered by Ilene Richardson, professional photographer and Westonite tomorrow, April 28th, at 9:30 in the Weston Public Library Community Room. There is no cost for this program. All moms are welcome (even with your young ones). The following is the general outline for the one-hour program.

  1. Camera basics-
Covering basic usage of digital cameras
Explaining ISO, when to use flash, camera modes, aperture and shutter speed. What picture quality you should capture in and examples of good computer work flow set ups.
        2.  Shooting tips-
Ideas and suggestions for their most common shooting situations. For example, tips on great shots of kids in action.
         3. End Result-
Ideas/suggestions on how to make the most of your photographs in terms of photo books, canvas printing, and other creative outputs.
We hope you can join us!
Thank you, Ilene, for agreeing to offer this great workshop!

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