Compo Beach Parking Emblems Available at Weston Town Hall

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Many moms have asked whether it’s worth it to get the Compo Beach parking emblem. For us beach bums, it’s a yes. We like to bring guests there and show off how close we are to it. Moms in Weston, CT has also gathered at the beach for a playdate, a walk, and a lunch. We are planning more activities this summer, including a family picnic dinner. Have you seen the sunsets at the beach? Breathtaking! The price for the parking emblem valid from May 1st through October 1st is $220 for Weston residents. Drop-in parking is $20 on weekdays and $40 on weekends. There is a restaurant that serves chicken tenders, pizza, watermelon, ice cream, drinks, etc.. I have yet to try their lobster roll; perhaps this summer. In the past they only take cash (cash machine on premise). They also rent out beach umbrellas.

Many families prefer the Bisceglie Pond because of its smaller, more manageable size of the playground and body of water. The lifeguard to swimmer ratio is also smaller. There are picnic tables and vending machines. Even sand for the little ones to create fun structures. My daughter prefers the pond for swimming because it lacks the waves. It’s also closer to many, but don’t expect to stay there past 6 pm. Some evenings will have extended hours for BBQ’s and family fun activities, so look out for those. It is a hidden gem in our town, so do venture out to find it if you’ve never realized we have a man-made pond and a playground for both tots and older children. We’ve also planned gatherings here as a group, so stay tuned. Parking is free. Last year there was a seasonal access fee. Usual opens in late June.

No matter what is decided, just know that we have great resources within our reach. Go out and have fun!


Weston Forum article regarding Westport Compo Beach parking emblem availability

Bisceglie Park map


One response to “Compo Beach Parking Emblems Available at Weston Town Hall

  1. My husband loved their lobster rolls. it’s a bit steep at 1 for $15. Pick some up at Stew’s before you hit the beach-2 for $9.99!

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