Party for the Planet at Beardsley Zoo – April 16

From the Beardsley Zoo website:

Party for the Planet
Date: 4/17/2011  –  4/17/2011  ( 10 am  to 3 pm )

Join Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo to celebrate the 41st anniversary of Earth Day! Our Earth Day event is about encouraging local, organic, earth-friendly choices as a way of promoting better health for our planet and ourselves. Environmentally friendly vendors include The Bag Lady, Planet Fuel Beverage Co., Silver Moon Herbals, The Accessories Aesthetic, Southern Relishes, Innovative Diaper Service, People’s Products, Shaklee, Greater Bridgeport Transit, Rowanwood Farm, New England Conservation Services, CT DEP, The Farmers Cow, Strings and Stones, and Common Good Market! Live music “The Environmental Hootenanny” with Tom Calliman and Ann Shapiro at 2 pm at the Peacock Pavilion. Citizen Science Corner – come learn how you can help research scientists by collecting data right in your own back yard. Party for the Planet – make the planet a healthier place for you, your family and wildlife.


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