Calling for Blurbs for a New Daily Weston Column by M. Tivey

Michele Tivey, fellow Westonite, has been asked to write the weekly “Neighbor’s notes” column for the Daily Weston Website,
This column is supposed to harken back to “the old days,” when your town newspaper published the milestones and happenings of its citizens.  Not really a place where we would talk about yard sales or new businesses, but a place to make mention of your family’s day to day happiness!
Many of us are private people, and in respecting that, email addresses or home addresses will never be submitted, though she would like to include the road where you live in town, just as a way to differentiate yours from another’s news.
An example of the column might be:

The Tivey Family of Newtown Turnpike are still cleaning out their apartment from last week’s floods … Mr. and Mrs. Smith of Lords Highway are celebrating their 24th wedding anniversary this week with a cozy dinner at home … Miss Arline’s ELC 4’s class wished Dr. Seuss a Happy Birthday last week with stories, cupcakes and a special art project … the Jones family is thrilled to report that their new home on Weston Road is complete and they are moving in! … Mary and Bill Holbrooke of Cindy Lane welcomed their third son last week, Joseph, brother of Matthew and Jason … Anne Salazar turns 16 next week, and she will be celebrating with a dozen girlfriends — a spa-themed party at her family’s home on Greenfield Drive…

So, please contribute regularly, as it is her hope that this will be a place where Westonites will go to learn whom they we are wishing well this week, and then act on it themselves.

For our first Neighbor’s Notes column, please email Michele and share what you plan to be doing over Spring Break at!  Include trips you may be taking, visitors you will be having, spring activities you are looking forward to, and of course a

ny other news about your family’s special moments.

Thank you in advance for your help with this, and keep watching for your family’s blurb!

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