You Asked: Adult Internist

Who would you recommend in Fairfield County?


7 responses to “You Asked: Adult Internist

  1. Sheila Subramanian at New Canaan Internal Medicine – 173
    East Avenue. She’s intelligent, caring, and thorough.

  2. westport medical group; dr Karol is wonderful!

    • I had heard this too but I was disappointed because of the wait to get in. I was told in 3/11 I could book in 2012 and now they want me to wait to book for 2013.

    • My husband is very happy with Dr Karol, but she rubs me the wrong way. I do think she is a good doctor, but “bedside manner” matters equally to me.

  3. I really liked Maura Sparks over at Soundview Medical in
    Norwalk: Only
    downside is the practice is very big & very busy but she is
    very nice & down to earth.

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